Chihuahua Puppies



Sneak and Ruca!

Sneak and Ruca posing for the camera! They love pictures!

This is Sneak, the proud father! He is one year old and also a long-haired Chihuahua, cream and white. 


Ruca's First Xray

Ruca's Xray
Ruca is a long-haired Chihuahua who is shown here with her 5 puppies right before their birth!  The easiest way to identify them is by looking for the 5 little skulls on this X-ray. 

This is my first time having a pregnant Chihuahua!  Ruca had to go to the vet at 11:45pm to see how many to expect. 

X-ray from the bottom of her belly.

These X-rays are amazing and something I will treasure forever. 


We did a lot of research online and learned that there are a few necessities to having puppies:
1)A heating blanket for the puppies in case the mother leaves them (This was not necessary in this case) 
2)Canine milk in case the mother cannot provide for all of them or does not for the runt, etc. (also not needed here)
3)Hemostats for clamping off the umbilical cord (if necessary-in this case they were not needed)
4)Puppy food for the mother the entire time she is pregnant and feeding the puppies to keep up nutrition
5)This recommendation comes from me: Plenty of baby blankets/towels/fleece throws you can find at any store as you will need to constantly change them-I recommend 6+ for laundry rotations (wish I had more-lol)
6)Gloves for the birth and first week or so unless you want to wash your hands until they are raw
7)Lube in case the mother needs help (Ruca did not need this at all) 
8)An on call or emergency vet (would not have been needed if we had made it in earlier to get the puppy count and had not been so worried later....)